Gig Reviews

Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh - 27th April, 2011
Always good to play Binkies and a busy venue welcomed us with open arms. Rattled through a good set with the crowd singing along to Country Roads with gusto ! Met some keen Dutch fans and they translated KWAK for us - look it up yourselves since it's not for the faint hearted - that's the tour of Holland up the spout then !
Anchor Bar, Montrose - 17th April, 2011
The Anchor is a crackin wee bar in the harbour area of Montrose and a decent space for the bands to set up is good. A nice sunny day and an 5 o clock start meant the first half was a bit quiet but the second set was more jumpin'. Pretty soon we had the crowd singin' along to our version of Country Roads (cue John Denver turning) and even had some dancers - beer must have been taking effect ! A good time was had by all and we look forward to returning in a few months time - see you then Anchorites !
Millgate Bar, Arbroath - 26th Mar, 2011
The Millgate is a popular pub in an area busy with revellers going from one pub to another - seeking out the best entertainment and cheapest drink probably ! Got the gear chucked in easily since we were setting up just inside one of the doors. Decent space to be had so setting up was fairly easy. Iain brought a smoke machine but never got it working - made a bit of a smell though ! Pub was pretty busy the whole night so KWAK had a great time rattling through our two sets of blues and boogie material. A few faces from previous gigs in the area were recognised and, apart from falling over monitors, were on their best behaviour. A great pub gig. Spoke to one lassie after the gig who had been dancing the entire night and told her she had showed everybody how to have a good time - she said "Well - am a biker !" LOL - good on ye hen !
Westport Bar, Arbroath - 25th Feb, 2011
Once everyone found the place (must get Don a GPS for his xmas) we found a huge raised space to set up and then we totally filled it with gear - that's the game ! Nice venue recently done up. Had abit of hassle when Don's mike lead didn't work and some deft work with good old gaffa tape was required to get things going.
Punters varied all over the shop through the night. Started with a few bunches o lassies and laddies out for a night on the town and they seemed to enjoy the first set. This included Rock n Roll Suzie turned into Rock n Roll Siobham - well it was her birthday !
By the time we started the second set the crowd had dwindled and the next time we looked there were two people - we asked the bar staff to keep their drinks topped up and played a few new ones since we may as well rehearse them. Yet another type of crowd then turned up and they were well up for the stuff we were playing. The rest of the night was great fun and Bryan went walkabout behind the bar while playing a solo and returned with an ice cube to put down Don's back - cool ! - the ice cube that is.
A night of highs and lows really but Norman who runs the show was really good and promised us a return - maybe on a Saturday this time.
Whistlebinkies - 15th Feb, 2011
House PA and backline here so set up was a dawdle. Pretty big crowd for a Tuesday I thought - lots of students and big smoke tourists out for a good time. The 45 min set went really well and we even got them singing at one stage with plenty dancers on the go. Our rocky version of Country Roads, played live for the first time, went down a storm as did the wireless walkabouts. Been promised a gig back on a weekend so looking forward to that - great live venue !
Bannermans - 6th Feb, 2013
Four bands on one night - a tall order but one that the sound engineer coped with it pretty well. KWAK took the stage 2nd last of the evening and kicked off with a storming version of "Automobile" followed by a 40 min set of pure raunch and rhythm - the band are really enjoying these short sets in Edinburgh. Finished off with a rockin "La Grange" with some guitar walkabout to entertain the reasonably sized crowd.
The Budenzauber finished off the night with some tightly played rock which went down great - worth seeing this band if you get the chance.